The Nationals Without Strasburg

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Nationals
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Replacement Level Baseball Blog

I’m honored to have been selected to write for High Heat Stats, where some of my favorite bloggers, like Adam Darowski, Graham Womack, and Dan McCloskey have joined Baseball-Reference veterans Andy Kamholz and John Autin to bring some of the best baseball writing in the blogosphere to one place. Here’s the second piece I wrote for HHS (the first was a recycled piece I wrote here back in April):

Stephen Strasburg was shut down after pitching on September 7. The Nationals are 4-1 since then. This says absolutely nothing about Strasburg.

There’s been plenty of talk about the team’s decision to shut Strasburg down after nearly 160 innings. The dissenting opinion tends to revolve around the idea that the Nationals are much more likely to win the World Series with Strasburg pitching. This is probably true, unless we’re willing to attribute his late-season struggles to incurable…

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