Hating Cortland Finnegan

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Redskins
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Cortland Finnegan is well known in the football community for his brash, unapologetic, douchebag way of playing the game but, you know what, he is good at his job. Not as well known as some of his counterparts, Cortland is known by wide receivers across the NFL due to him being an asshole who likes to provoke actions that get the opposing team penalized, usually for unnecessary roughness. Many of you will remember this gem from a few years ago…

Well, he is up to his old tricks again and, although still a douchebag, he may have won the game for the Rams when Josh Morgan’s actions cost the Redskins 15 yards because he threw a ball at the Cornerback. As a result Billy Cundiff had to attempt a 62-yard field goal instead of a much easier, in comparison, 47-yarder. So Cortland, hopefully one day you get knocked out, but…

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