Orange Babies – Giving mothers new hope

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Feel Good Stories
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When I think back to it, I get a warm feeling inside – the atmosphere that day was so special… I was working in a small hospital in Soweto and we were expecting our first visit from Baba Sylla, John Kattenberg and Stef Bakker from Orange Babies. Luckily they were just as nervous as we were.

The small hospital ward was crowded. That morning more mothers with HIV had come in to give birth. I told them that a Dutch group was coming and that they worked in fashion. I didn’t know exactly what they did, but we organised a surprise fashion show. I had given the women beautifully coloured slings and drawn red hearts on their round bellies. Our guests really got the show of their lives.
Up till today, those women are still so grateful because they received medicine to save their babies. If you are infected and use the medicine during pregnancy, there is a big chance that the child will…

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