NHL Lockout’s Forgotten Victim

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In The Field Of Play

I’ve kinda been apathetic about the now arrived NHL lockout.  I’ve long suspected that the lockout was coming and was going to last through the remainder of this calendar year.  I can already see the headline, “NHL returns with Winter Classic on January 1, 2013”.  Who is to blame, the owners or players?  Who cares.  I certainly don’t, because neither side cares right now.  Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr can try to woo the fans, but that choice comes down to choosing between Cinderella’s two ugly step sisters.  I’d rather go home alone.

I was going to remain silent on the issue, because what is there really to say.  But a few days ago I got into a brief back and forth with Spector’s Hockey (Lyle Richardson) on twitter (I’m @RussellWaxman).  Spector’s basically was talking about all the NHL players signing in Europe and how no one was forcing those…

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